Smooth, sweet amp-like gain that goes from cleanish boost to transparent overdrive to compressed sustain while retaining the guitar's essential voice throughout

The Skreddy Pedals™ Serenity Fuzzdrive:

Transparent and full range, but without boosting unpleasant or "congested" low-midrange frequencies; you control the emphasis and balance of the prominent frequency ranges

Even-handed low end; not boomy, not thin

Smooth but not tame

Low noise but clear and lively

Perfectly balanced sound that carries from cleanish all the way into fuzz

Class A overdrive / distortion / fuzz with no clipping diodes, no op-amps, and no active tone controls

Natural EQ footprint with special attention paid to phase integrity of the audio signal

The effect is a very straightforward sound that evokes the feel of your guitar plugged directly into a cooking tube amp at low gain settings and a boosted yet transparent fuzz at high gain settings.

Works just as well as a foundational drive as it does as a solo boost.

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Magically flexible gain that lets the strings sing

Can go from mild, open overdrive to near-infinite sustain, maintaining the guitar's clarity, sweetness, and eq footprint all along the way

There is an in-between state here between fuzz and tube amp, between liquid sustain and airy articulation, between having its own voice and retaining the guitar's voice while propelling it into the high-gain realm.


Finds unity gain around or before noon depending on the strength of your pickups. Lots of boost available.
Adjusts the gain of the distortion section for a huge range between cleanish and mild, cranked-amp-style fuzz.
Adjusts the input gain; goes from a un-colored tranquil sound counterclockwise to an aggressive, compressed, boosted sound clockwise.
Opens up, or dampens, the top end; neutral in the center, transparent and bright at full up and mildly dark all the way down while still retaining the mids. (interactive with volume)
Adjusts the basic nature of the voice via the balance of lower mids and upper mids going into the distortion stage: neutral at around 2:00-3:00 o'clock, more articulate and cutting "treble boost" fully clockwise, thick and smooth at noon, and extra fat and juicy fully counter-clockwise.


Regular 9v negative ground, no special power requirements. Can accept 18v if extra clarity and punch is desired. 9v battery is not included. If you use a battery, then remember to un-plug the input cable from the pedal’s input jack when not in use to prevent draining (or you can also just plug in a power-supply, which disconnects the battery).

You may supply external power through an AC adapter. All Skreddy Pedals accept the industry-standard 9v DC plug (5.5mm barrel x 2.1mm center coax), negative tip. Please use a quality, regulated, filtered power supply.



Sound Clips

Brett Kingman

The always brilliant Brett Kingman enjoys his Echo Infinity and Serenity Fuzzdrive with a vintage Magnatone amp and custom-shop Strat

Brett Kingman

Here is Brett just obviously having fun with the Serenity and the Infinity, playing with higher gains and lots of tricks with the delay. Satisfying to watch and listen to! Check it out...