Optical phaser with a classic 1969 voice

Chewy, lush, watery, vibe-style phaser with superior clarity and frequency response compared to a vintage specimen or a clone

Gorgeous and addictive tone, just swampy enough

The sweep has been optimized for the fullest possible range and intensity without going "over the top."  Perfect balance between a smooth, symmetrical and a throbbing, asymmetrical waveform.  This is not a bashful effect, but your guitar's tone will still shine through loud and clear.

Extremely low noise and low distortion, maintains neutral eq and volume footprint

Big knob for easy foot control

Goes from almost standing still to super fast rotary spin

LED Indicators:

Bypass (Green) indicates when circuit is active, off when in true-bypass

Speed (Red) indicates the speed of the sweep, always active

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Signature vibe sounds

Thick, vocal modulation, sweet, other-worldly, moving phase shift, and rotating speaker emulation

Whether you set the speed to slow and subtle movement or throbbing, 3-D, shifting tones or rapid spinning, you'll groove as the Skreddy Swirl™ beautifies your guitar sound with its hypnotic and oldschool authority.

You can use this for any classic vibe effect, but you'll come up with lots of new uses for it; sure to inspire!

Is this a "real" vibe or a phaser?

Definitions: a vibe is a phaser that's made with discreet transistors and optical electronics.  The input stage of a vibe is similar to a simple discreet op-amp circuit, and each phase-shifting stage is made with a darlington pair with "bootstrap" positive feedback for high impedance and available gain (again, op-amp-like) which feeds both a negative and a variable phase-shifted positive signal to the next stage.  At the end of four of these stages, the original dry signal is mixed together again at the output.

The Skreddy Swirl is made with op-amp gain stages in a very similar configuration and optical electronics, also in a very similar configuration (except I use LEDs instead of a light bulb, and I vary the degree of phase shift rather than the intensity of the phase-shifted signal in each of the four stages). 

I did not limit myself to just trying to copy a historic circuit but sought to improve on it to my tastes and my ear, with a goal of making it work optimally whether clean or through a dirt pedal.  Lower noise and higher input impedance are some of the improvements I made. It will sound similar to a classic vibe clone that has its intensity set at about 3:00 o'clock and features excellent unity-gain matching compared to the bypass signal.


DC adapter required; no battery option

POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS:  (note: a power supply is NOT INCLUDED)  9 volts only  DC power supply must have a standard 5.5mm barrel x 2.1mm center coax  Polarity: negative center (industry standard) Do not use an AC power supply  9v DC power only





"...It has vintage pretty much pouring out of the casing - it makes every other Univibe pedal I've ever heard sound 2D and fake. Loving it!..."


"Feel the need to write you to rave about Swirl. Sadly this has been a tough year and I've not been able to play much guitar. Last night I went over to my friend's place for our annual holiday drunken sleepover jam and brought along a really simple setup, my amp, a Danocaster Jazzmaster, BC239 and Swirl.

Was my first chance to use either of those pedals in a high volume scenario with a band.

BC239 destroys!! Your description is spot on. I almost brought Mayonaise MkIII instead but I was feeling aggro and I'm glad I took the angry little guy and left the beautiful singing Mayonaise at home. This is a monster, so aggressive and biting!

But the big surprise was Swirl. I dont even know what to say. I have a parts-correct Univibe clone that i love for its swampy modulation (but honestly prefer the phasing)

Your Swirl leaves it in the dust. First of all the slowest speed is PERFECT.

And this guy is happy after a wall of fuzz, he's happy doing his thing to a pristine clean signal, and anything in between.

It creates that hypnotic modulation in a way that is so smoothly blended it almost doesn't feel like a pedal, if feels like somehow my playing is creating that. This is the best modulation pedal I have ever encountered. People who don't even play were commenting that my sound was trance inducing and making them feel high. I was asked 'how did you do that?' Someone said 'what kind of magic voodoo are you up to over there?'

The other guys wouldnt let me stop playing.

It's that good.

I had more fun last night than I have had in ages and it's down to the addictive inspiration that Swirl was adding to the mix.

It's starting to seem unfair that Skreddy is 'known' for fuzz, Swirl (and Echo and LMS to name a few) is proof that you are leading the scene in everything you do. I'm blown blown blown away with this little box. It's perfect. Thank-you so so much!!"


"Hi Marc,
I had a chance to check out the pedals in the studio and on some shows last weekend.
I love the Swirl!  At first I was concerned about it not having sensitivity or volume control, but found on the gig that I didn't need it.  Not once did I find myself wanting to adjust it.  You really hit on the perfect setting.  I've tried some of the other big, bulky vibes, but for a small, space-saving box the Swirl has a much fuller tone (Lol, of course you can use any of this if you like).
Kindest regards,
Brian Stoltz



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