A Few of the Artists and bands using Skreddy Pedals

Gene Simmons / KISS

Tony Truglio / Helmet, Liege Lord

Ilya Lipkin / The Re-Stoned

Thorn Ducati / Birds In Space

Eric Nyberg / House of All Seasons

Alex Domschot

Allen Dean

Leo Abrahams / Brian Eno, many others too numerous to list

Dale Goodridge

David Torn

Tod Weidner / American Pink Floyd

Ty Gerhardt / The New Day Breakers, The Girlfriend Experience

Dan Spitz / Anthrax, Deux Monkey

Norm Hammer--Sons of the Void and Krossfyre

Billy Corgan / Smashing Pumpkins

Mikey Genao / La Secta Allstar

Michael Walker / The Love Me Nots

Jonathan Wilson / Speak 'n' Spell Records, Castratii

Bobby DeVito

Black Cast "Anywhere" on CDBaby

Lyle Workman / Sting, Beck, Frank Black, Todd Rundgren, They Might Be Giants, Sheryl Crow, Charlie Peacock, Bourgeois Tagg, et al

Phillip Orr

Brian Holcomb / Telestrion

Paul Bento / Metal Health Association, Type O Negative, Carnivore

RATMAN and the 8-Ball Shifters

Al Di Meola

Tommy Foytek

Andy Powell / Wishbone Ash

Jean-Do Sallaberry / Soul Men

Thomas Lilley

Olle Norin / Convoy,The Sheep Revolution

Jdavyd Williams

Saso Benko / Psycho-Path, Kleemar & Därectalchex


Ben Allen / Mattafix

Claude Engel

Jimmie Myers / Dust and Mice EP (iTunes)

Michael Dukes / Mechanical Birds

Joe Perry and Brad Whitford / Aerosmith