Guitar preamp that emulates the sound and feel of a small British tube combo

Goes from pristine clean to hot and jangly to smoky, slightly ragged overdrive, with a 2-band eq that is voiced just right. Transparent when bass and treble are at noon and plenty of flavors available including mid scoop, mid hump, bright, dark, thin, and fat.

All that is followed up with an optical compressor circuit designed to emulate a sagging GZ34 tube rectifier, a saturated output transformer, and over-loaded voice coils & speaker cones for that ultimate small combo experience.

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Can be a little raucous if you like, too

Give your clean channel that brilliant, lively spank reminiscent of some of rock music's glory years like the Shadows, The Beatles, Rory Gallagher, Queen, Tom Petty, U2, REM, The Cranberries, and more.

The Rubber Soul takes the classic "normal" channel and blends it in with the "bright" channel just like most folks would probably tend to use the old amps with those two channels: jumpered and blended. So you get the cutting presence of the bright channel but with a bit of the beef and fullness of the normal channel added in--just not so much that it turns to mud at high gain.

The Rubber Soul responds very much like a tube amp would to your pickup volumes and to the impact of running other effect pedals in front of it.

Is it a top boost? The circuit is plenty bright enough without adding top boost. In fact, that only creates an irritating feel in this case. Totally not needed!




Whiskey N Beans

So the Eagle has landed. And, frankly, I am blown away. Had a couple of hours today. Paired it with a DM-2 and let’er rip. Wow. All as promised. The sag control is significant and I think the pedal could replace an EQ and Comp, saving space on my board. I ripped through some Little America, Second Guessing and Pretty Persuasion by REM and was blown away by how dead on it got. Better than the V1.0 Jangle Box I played years ago and never needed. Early Petty and Bowie tunes were easily nailed as well. The coup de gras was Beatles She Said She Said. Dead on.

Anyway, great to get a preamp with compression, EQ and light drive. I think it’s uses are pretty limitless. I found that it does John Lee Hooker and other small amp cranked sounds with ease and 60s blues numbers just felt right.

Thank you, Skreddy. Big time. Well worth the wait. Total keeper.



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Gene Donnelly III

Mike Hermans