Optical phase shifter with a classic 70's voice

Adds dimensional shimmer and syrupy swirl, from hypnotic slow to dizzying fast

Extremely low noise and clean, maintains neutral eq and volume footprint

Plenty of headroom and fuzz friendly, before or after

Big knob for easy foot control

Goes from almost standing still to super fast rotary spin

LED Indicators:

Bypass (Green) indicates when circuit is active, off when in true-bypass

Speed (Red) indicates the speed of the sweep, always active

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Signature mid-70's phaser voicing, balancing clarity and definition with lushness and depth

Instant gratification!  Just stomp and you're in a hauntingly familiar but ever new space and time.

Meat-and-potatoes phaser.  Plug it into your high-gain channel or your favorite distortion, and it won't add noise or mess with your tone (e.g.; no treble boost, no bass cut; no volume boost, no volume drop).  It's transparent, lush, distortion-free, and warm, with that sweet, sweet flavor you won't want to rock without.

2014 Gear of the Year


DC adapter required; no battery option

POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS:  (note: a power supply is NOT INCLUDED)  9 volts only  DC power supply must have a standard 5.5mm barrel x 2.1mm center coax  Polarity: negative center (industry standard) Do not use an AC power supply  9v DC power only




Premier Guitar Little Miss Sunshine Review

"A vintage-simple optical phaser that delivers uncommonly rich swirl..." 


Hi Marc :-)

Bought one of your LMS's last year after quickly getting bored with every other phaser I've tried on my board over the years. What an incredible sounding box :-) Whenever I'm recording I generally swap out the modern pedals for vintage ones - especially modulations - but I've found myself repeatedly going for the LMS over my old Phase 90 and Mu-Tron..I just love how much headroom & clarity it has!

I've just put out a new track - it's largely been for my YouTube channel to show people how I record guitars, but I decided to edit a proper video for it & put it out. I called it Mister Transistor because of how many different fuzz pedals are on it :P https://youtu.be/z-macuQLdVg

I used the LMS on the white Tele that doubles up the SG part in the quieter middle section of the song - added such a lovely sweep to everything!

I also recorded a theme tune for a YouTube channel called Mentour Pilot (much bigger than mine!!) a couple of months ago and used the LMS extensively on that - so it's getting hundreds of thousands of listeners a week over there :-) https://youtu.be/TlinocVHpzk?t=1197

Anyway, thanks for making such a brilliant pedal - huge fan of it :-) Really hope I get to check out some more of your pedals soon. I'll try to get a demo of the LMS shot for my channel soon & compare it to my 1974 Phase 90..I love how close they sound, but the higher headroom of yours really is an improvement!!

Cheers mate,



"Finally a phaser that doesn't drop out your bass and distort your signal !
I have tried them all the LMS is the best - bar none ."


"Got mine in the mail the other day and plugged it in right away ...

Just plain awesome, truly is a little box of sunshine! Thick, rich and swirly, not too bright or too dark ... just perfect. One knob is all I need, no apparent volume drop or boost. The description on the Skreddy website is dead-on. Don't feel like I would want anything more or less from the way it sounds right off the bat.

It is SUPER QUIET ... ultra low noise floor for a phaser pedal. Lower noise then any other ones I have.

My favorite phaser right now ... compared to the other ones I have or had: x1, x2 and x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10 ... etc. (probably forgetting a few)
(Ed: I've anonymized the product names.  --Marc)

Awesome lil' pedal!"


"Hi Marc, just wanted to let you know the Little Miss Sunshine sounds fantastic. Really a wonderful sounding phaser. Even better than I expected. Sounds SO much better than then the " 45 " and "90 " I own.  The LMS sounds like the perfect melding of the two somehow with all the sonic improvements you've designed into this pedal.

I'm sure it would be the phaser that wins over guitarists that say they don't like phasing !

Thanks again !"


"...Slapped some velcro on it and threw it on the board last night for a Telestrion gig. Usually have a xxx on there (been wanting a good, smaller mutton phasor II copy for a while). The setting I use on the xxx is more on the smallstone side. I love finally having a Phase 90 copy/update that sounds amazing. Never have chased the original scripts. Always wanted the sounds with led, no volume drop, 9v… I've only had one copy (xx) and an old Phase 100 in 04 (which sounded really good but had the 70's drawbacks including the broken down foam surprise inside). The xx phase 90 copy I had, for me, was just not in any way there. Way too clean and transparent to the point of almost not being present when I played it. Would definitely get no love for Mr. Page and his ilk... The Little Miss Sunshine (every time I see the name I think of the grandfather from the movie) is transparent and watery, but definitely colors the sound in a heavy, good way. It's almost like the come on of a good hallucinogen - it's definitely there and shifting one's perception, just starting to overtake everyday reality but not quite all the way. Very dreamy. Really can't get over how good it sounds and how thick and present it is while being seemingly transparent and clear at the same time. Watery as all get out. Definitely has the stoned out phase of the 70's in spades. That is critical to me. No Achilles' heel. Some new phaser's (original designs and clones) just get way too sterile or have an unpleasant high end or whiny sound to me. You really have great ears and skills to manifest the sounds you go after man..."



Sound Clips


Jeffrey Renton

Tone Factor

Marc Ahlfs

Shine On (mp3 1.4 MB)

Equipment used...

Hybrid Fuzz Driver set to about 1/3 of full available gain, Little Miss Sunshine comes on after the clean intro part, Skreddy Echo set to dry with delay line sent to 2nd amp

Clean parts are with guitar volume set to 8, overdriven parts are with volume full up--HFD is on all the time

Guitar: Warmoth Strat copy

Amp 1: Hiwatt Custom 100 (clean)

Amp 2: (mixed low) Fender Performer 1000 (only getting Echo delay line for added room ambience)

Post processing: stereo plate reverb plugin

Jeff Ruiz

Playing through a Magic Amp, clean, with Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine, Hybrid Fuzz Driver, and Echo