early 90's muffy distortion

Skreddy Pedals™ Glasnost:

The 90's Red Army Overdrive and Civil War Big Muffs are a cult classic in the guitar community (you'll probably see one in Gilmour's rig these days) and a secret weapon for bass players, too (since they pass through the low end without clipping it). 

This is MY take on the old classic. I strove to include all the great things about it and to add all the things I think it lacked. 

IMPROVEMENTS: a wider useful range, more creaminess, less boominess, better sustain, more balanced highs and lows, better component quality, better audio quality.  Still that signature gritty distortion and low-ish gain but with some nice higher-gain capability too. Roughly identical frequency curves in the tone control, but completely reformulated to produce a slightly milder mids scoop in the 1.5 kHz band, right where the original Russian models scooped the mids, and EXCELLENT BALANCE between the volumes of the low end and the high end.

You undoubtedly already know that the term "Big Muff" is a trademark of Electro-Harmonix. Mike Matthews is a god-father of this industry!

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Only 20 are scheduded for production


Classic early 90's Russian distortion

Signature tone and response, but improved in a number of ways.

The Glasnost uses 1/2 Watt carbon composition resistors like the oldest US-made Big Muffs but a gain range and tonal footprint like the early 90's Russian models (with some notable improvements).  Transistors include BC109C metal-can units to mimic the sound of the old Russian KT3102E transistors used in the Red Army Overdrive and Civil War models.

Tone Stack Analysis: MORE MIDS


Regular 9v negative ground, no special power requirements. 9v battery is not included. If you use a battery, then remember to un-plug the input cable from the pedal’s input jack when not in use to prevent draining (or you can also just plug in a power-supply, which disconnects the battery).

You may supply external power through an AC adapter. All Skreddy Pedals accept the industry-standard 9v DC plug (5.5mm barrel x 2.1mm center coax), negative tip. Please use a quality, regulated, filtered power supply.




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