Skreddy Pedals™ Zero: Cutting and articulate, yet thick and smooth; this high-gain fuzz retains amazing note clarity with chords, tears it up on riffs, and soars with sweet harmonic sustain on solos.

Classic, over-the-top distortion with no woofiness.  Doesn't get lost in the mix, yet has plenty of bottom and a velvety-smooth high end.

Sounds like a cranked up, distorted, high-gain amp, with an obscene amount of volume available.  Versatile; it merges with your own personal style of playing.


Zero Manual (pdf 90kb)

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Playing guitar is fun again

Create your own unique soundscapes inspired by this vintage-style, 4-silicon-transistor distortion/fuzz/sustain stompbox.  The Zero's™ exciting tone is optimized using the finest available new components and some sweet-sounding new-old-stock parts. Modern features include DC adapter jack, LED on/off indicator, and true bypass switching.

Hugest fuzz of its size!

Retired 17-MAR-2015

Sound Clips by ...
Copyright (c) 2005 Michael Lawrence

 Clip One

Clip Two

Clip Three

Sound Clips by ...
Copyright (c) 2005 Tommy Foytek
(Raw and un-edited!)
Featuring a faded SG guitar, Roland BC-60 amp, and an Ibanez DDL 10 digital delay

  1.  Fire it Up! (w/DDL10)

  2.  Lower Gain Grind

  3.  Higher Gain Fun (w/DDL10)

  4.  Squealin'

  5.  High Gain Chords-N-Octaves

  6.  Remember the Scorps

  7.  Gain Down a Bit

  8.  Still Plenty Though

  9.  Chord Comparison

  10.  Comparison Two

  11.  Riff to Compare - Riff for Fun!

  12.  BREWTAL! In Standard Tuning??

  13.  Crank the Motha!

  14.  Had to Do It

  15.  Turn the Gain Down a Bit Again

  16.  Checkin' the Tones--Sweet

  17.  Lil Chop

  18.  Lower Gain Riffs

  19.  Lower Gain w/DDL10

  20.  Sweet Leaf and then Controlled Feedback

  21.  Zero Gets Mellow-N-Sweet

  22.  1-2-3-Go Low Gain

  23.  Bapbapbapbapbap Low Gain

  24.  Turn it Back Up for the Anthem!

Sample by and drummer

Copyright (c) 2005 Paul Bento

3 Buzzed Lice

Featuring a Schecter guitar w/DiMarzio pickups, Area 51 Wah, Analog Man Clone Chorus, and the tour-model Zero pedal into a 100 Watt Carvin Valve Master. (the flange is a Sonar plugin)

My Sound Clips recorded with my Strat into Zero prototype into clean Traynor Mark III amp into Jackson 2x12 speaker cab into SM57 mic directly into crappy PC soundcard.

bulletBridge Pickup --Dry.
bulletNeck Pickup  --Light reverb/subtle doubling delay added via CoolEdit.
bulletSpacey Lead Tones --Neck pickup into tube Echoplex

Face of Bass
Guitar by Alberto Fernandez
Featuring the Skreddy Zero...

Dualing Ska




"The Zero is awesome, the harmonics really really jump out of the guitar with it and the tone knob is awesome you can get all sorts of USEABLE sounds out of it, unlike other fuzzes that i've tried where the tone knob is only useable between certain points, but the zero sounds awesome all around. I'll be giving it a full run through on sunday at band practice but in either case it delivers in spades."

"right now i can't decide if i want to use it with my high input on my JCM800 so it adds more grit, fuzz, what have you to my sound OR if i want to run it into the low input and use the zero for my "dirt" sound, i'm prefering the later choice so far, which says alot because i've never found a fuzz i prefer over my JCM800's "natural" overdrive. thanks again for the awesome pedal..."
"you will NOT be disappointed with the Zero, i just got #8 in the post late last week and havent been able to turn it off since i got it on my pedalboard, great fat sound, thick bottom end, and a nice top-end that doesn't get too peircing, i think it just cured my Wooly Mammoth GAS......"

"ive tried alot of high-gain pedals that have a very narrow range of usable sound, or one-trick-ponies, that sound great either cranked at a rehersal, or in my music room, but not both, i think that the ZERO is the 1st one ive been impressed with all across the spectrum...very versatile, and since im not a 15min guitar solo kinda player, i need something that stays defined with chords, which is very hard to get with fuzz... great work, i have nothing but good things to say about it."
"WOW Marc, this thing (my new Zero) kicks ASS! It is so fat and nasty, yet creamy and articulate. I only got about 10 minutes to test it out tonite, but I was playng it through my '65 Pro Reverb with a '73 Les Paul Goldtop with factory T-Top full sized humbuckers. Even with the Sustain on 10 I was able to hear every string and every note, even with complex chords. But at the same time you can get ripping grind and controlled feedback. And the tone knob has an incredible sweep, all tones within the sweep were sweet, from wooly fat booty to slicing biting top-end sizzle. Anyway, I can't wait to put it through the ringer this week. I promise to send you some clips."
"hey marc, just wanted to let you know that i got the pedal in today. the zero sounds fantastic! its alot better than i expected. i actually like it better than channel 2 on my mesa rectifier, and thats normally what i play through."
"I picked up my Zero from the Post Office this morning, and I love it! It's exactly what I've been looking for. Really smooth and HUGE sounding. Cuts through like a knife and the tone control is actually useable. I can't wait to play it live and get it on a few of my band's songs.

Many thanks!"
"At higher gain settings It's easily the most harmonically rich fuzz I've ever heard. Unbelievable! ... This thing will take on all comers. Very nice Skred. Very nice."

... the Zero is just the greatest pedal I have ever had. I use all the time.