Skreddy Pedals™ Ernie: Thick and huge-sounding, this 1973-era-based fuzz is fat on chords and riffs and soars with infinite sustain on single-note runs.

Has a wide useable tonal range with a rich midrange bloom.

Sounds like a vintage fuzz feeding a cranked up vintage amp, with as much output volume as you could ever want. 

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Thick and fuzzy but articulate, with an old school feel

Modeled sonically on the beloved 'lamb's head' edition of vintage fuzz boxes (only supercharged and extra fat + "vintagey" sounding), the Ernie is a 4-silicon-transistor distortion/fuzz/sustain stompbox.  The Ernie's gritty, girthy tone is optimized using a variety of the finest available new components and sweet-sounding new-old-stock parts. Modern features include small size, DC adapter jack, LED on/off indicator, and true bypass switching.

Phattest fuzz of its size!

Retired 17-MAR-2015.



Jean-Do:  I received my Ernie this morning.
I rushed back home to plug it and play it.
It's really sounding great !!!
The sound is warm and thick, but it is also the most precise and
definite sound I ever heard from a fuzz box. This makes it very
versatile, and that's just what I was looking for

Thank you for this wonderful job
Hope you'll sell hundreds, you deserve it...
...I'm currently using the Ernie every night for some early 70's Norman
Whitfield/Dennis Coffey Motown sounds, it's really great !!!

Ernie at work on Jean-Do's "every night" pedalboard

Sound Clips!!!

Jimmy from A Denver Mile was kind enough to supply previews of two songs from their latest CD in which he uses his Ernie pedal...