New version 2, featuring:

  1. More low-gain settings on the Sustain knob, making it easier to dial in a growly tone

  2. Mids switch has been changed to a "Guitar/Bass" switch.  Guitar mode (left) is a classic scooped sound like the original circa 1974 fuzz, and Bass mode (right) preserves ALL of the brutal bass throughout the tone knob's sweep.  In V1, this switch merely toggled between scooped and flat; V2 is very different!

Skreddy Pedals™ Supa Tone: based on a 1974 edition of a fuzz released by Colorsound™, this circuit is not based on a germanium Tone Bender design but is a variant of the Big Muff™ circuit.


*Note: we have no affiliation with Colorsound or Electro-Harmonix or Marshall, who of course own their trademarked names.

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when used for bass:

Grindy, tubey distortion that stays in the pocket

You get a fuzzed attack but it's still punchy and retains the normal decay envelope

(V2:) All the low end is preserved in Bass mode, so the tone knob becomes a treble knob and does not thin out the tone even at full clockwise.

when used for guitar:

Rough, unrefined, grinding, low-gain fuzz

More raw & dynamic, less compressed and sustainy than a Big Muff*

Low sustain-knob setting makes a nice cranked JCM900* emulation






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