Two stage overdrive featuring the secret weapon of many 70's guitar masters

Start with a cranked amp and add a booster. Done and done. This was how many of your favorite players did it in the 70's, including Robin Trower's Bridge of Sighs album (not counting the UniVibe) and Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same (not counting the wah and Echoplex).

The drive channel is based on my Hybrid Overdrive but tightened up and tweaked to be slightly more midrange-centric, and the boost channel is based on my Dynamic Mids Enhancer, simplified and dialed in to more of a powerful full-range boost.

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Powerful and articulate

Classic rock, prog, psychedelic, and blues tones that will bring out the best of your guitar and your playing

The High Gear is based on the classic cranked British tube amps, with a clean boost in front, which adds just the right amount of "extra" to your sound to pull it up to the next level, giving it a glassy, articulate, compressed, sustainy effect.

The extra volume of the boost will be moderated by the inherent compression in the drive and may or may not work in a live setting as a solo boost; this all depends on the band mix and the knob settings and how much "extra" you need for solos.

I give you the extra stomp switch for the booster stage so you can use the drive with or without boost engaged; you might like it always on, or you might like to play rhythm with it off and lead with it on. The boost only goes into the drive, not as a separate effect; so the whole unit is bypassed by the bypass switch. This way your pedal will go on and off in whichever configuration you had it set rather than needing 2 stomps to turn on the drive and then the boost too.

Power supply requirements

9v DC adapter only. No room for a battery in this one. Adapter jack is the standard Boss style jack, right up top for easy routing. Yes, you can use 18v if you like.






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