Screaming, High Gain Distortion

Not Too Fuzzy, Very Open and Articulate

Skreddy Pedals™ Top Fuel:
strikes a balance between high gain, sustaining distortion and articulation.

First, I trim out the woofy, mushy, congested bass.  Then amplify (a lot) and distort using mosfet soft clipping (twice), for a fine-toothed, modern, tube-like distortion character.  Then trim out the harsh and fizzy high end and use a mid-hump tone stack that's centered around 700Hz.

The string attack is always preserved throughout the entire range of the fretboard, regardless of the sustain level.  Tonal emphasis is placed on the midrange in order to showcase the player's technique.


Thanks to Ed Rembold at Toneczar effects for helpful advice I've used to refine this circuit.

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Serious Power
Clear Articulation

Finely tuned and well-behaved high-gain circuit provides distortion and sustain while retaining string sparkle.

Fire it up!

Allow about 2 to 4 weeks for us to get through our list and make your pedal.  If I don't answer an email, please re-send it in case I missed it.  We are busier now than ever.

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Top Fuel User Manual (pdf)

Sylvain Gambini

Josh Haynes/Pulse

Sam Vilo:


Sound Clips:
Sid Comfortably Numb outro
The setup goes: 72 RI strat->Pinkmour->EHX DMM->Roland JC-50 (solidstate of course)
TastyRiffs101 Open this huge folder of baddass clips!

Tommy Foytek

Featuring a faded SG guitar, Roland BC-60 amp, and an Ibanez DDL 10 digital delay

Copyright (c) 2006 Tommy Foytek

Teddy Boy

Top Fuel Clip

Les Paul > Top Fuel > Memory Lane Delay > Monster El Mariachi 15W Class A Amp

(Copyright © 2006 Thomas Lilley)

The Gainster, tone monster!


  1. Intro
  2. beginning
  3. solo

PRS > Keeley Comp >Top Fuel > Chandler Echo > Blue Angel w/ 1 Altec 417H 12"

Rick, proud owner of TF#1, using a Strat and his Top Fuel, into a Johnson J-Station amp modeler.
  1. Comfortably Numb neck pickup, sustain at 12:00 o'clock
  2. Sorrow neck pickup, sustain at maximum, tone at 9:00 o'clock



The Top Fuel is an amazing pedal which is capable of nailing David Gilmour tones.
Another gorgeous pedal, the tones are really "airy" and "articulate". Although I didn't like it quite as much as the Zero, but hey it's hard to compete with the best pedal on earth. Don't get me wrong it's still an amazing pedal, loving it.
The Top Fuel, for me sitting here in my apartment trying to be quieter than the lawnmower I hear outside, I can get singing, searing tone with a slide on my Strat (with the BL pickups). I'm using basically the settings you suggested, and really haven't strayed at all from them. I've got the Blues Jr WAY down, and I even have my volume pedal backed up, AND the volume on the guitar pulled back. So given ALL of the gain challenges I'm giving this baby, it's amazing how good it sounds. It's really a keeper. I A/B'd it against the RAT, which granted I only have in my set up because it's been in my gear so long - I've always preferred "real" amp/tube distortion but need some low-volume crunch here and there. The RAT in contrast to the Top Fuel has very little if any color (it's actually striking how synthetic it sounds). The Top Fuel has amazing color and harmonics, and the sustain reminds me of the way Bill in Rutabaga uses the Dyna Comp for his lead overdrive in a band situation. Very very beautiful.
...I've really been digging the Top Fuel at gigs now. A perfect fuzz that cuts through the mix like a hot knife through butter. It's never harsh though...

As I said the Top Fuel is perfect for me in a band with two guitars and keys. If I want to be heard I just kick in the Top Fuel and let rip. It's perfect with the Les Paul, smooth and creamy and a healthy amount of volume boost on tap! Few fuzzes work as well as the Top Fuel with humbuckers in my opinion. Top Fuel, top notch!

I just got the top fuel and had a few hours to mess with it. Holy shit this pedal is sick! I have two Analogman NKT-275 Sunface pedals, several nice silicon fuzzes, a Damage Control Demonizer, a good analog delay, and, blah blah blah too much other stuff to write, usually running through my Fender tube amp. I read the Harmony Central reviews for your pedals, and while I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, I wasn't sure I'd be blown away. I didn't think I would be. I figured it'd be like, "Yeh that sounds really nice, maybe I'll dial it in tomorrow or something." Well I was blown away. This pedal is -different- in a very satisfying way. I wanted a David Gilmour sound and here it is - it's like you soldered a strand of his hair into the circuit. Your pedal opened my eyes more than any of the other boutique pedals I've played through. Damnit now I have to spend more money on your other stuff because now I'm curious. Hey people BUY THIS THING.
One of the more versatile pedals I have ever come across. I find it to be an exceptionally smooth and usable sounding pedal that works really well when stacked with a Screwdriver, or any other good dirt pedal. Whether I want to play some Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, the Top Fuel has a sound to suit, and when I want to play my own music, I can get a sound that I hope is unique to myself.

Skreddy has done an amazing job with this pedal. This pedal now stays on most of the time that I am playing, it has decades of sustain, adds almost no noise at all and on top of all that, it looks cool. I could not be happier.
Can't speak highly enough of this pinkmour, I know it sounds dramatic, but its really got me back into playing guitar lately after a bit of a lull.