Skreddy PedalsTM
Pig MineTM

Smooth, Intense, Sustaining Distortion

Skreddy Pedals™ Pig Mine:

Tight and aggressive fuzz/distortion

Lay into the notes for that deep, harmonic saturation and violin-like sustain.  All your detail and articulation are preserved throughout the sustain knob's travel.  Not too much bass, not too much high end--well balanced tone.  Low noise floor, too!

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$195 + shipping

High Gain and Articulate

You can have an ever-so-slightly-scooped, lean midrange
Or you can flick the switch for a fat, lightly boosted midrange.

You'll get a thick, harmonic, liquid sustain on high notes, yet chords hold together and stay defined.  No woofy low end or sluggish attack.

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Bobby DeVito


A demo showing a wide variety of tones, at 50% Sustain settings, with BOTH Lean & Fat settings....

I'm playing similar licks the whole time to give a basis for your ears to go by.... it helps them listen to recognize the differences in tone that I'm making with the knobs and my hands.
Set up:
'71 Strat w/Lindy Fralin Blues Specials
'63 Pre-CBS Fender Deluxe (Celestion V30 & 6L6's w/Mercury Magnetics)
-No Reverb...... ALL Connections are made with Monster Cable P-500 Connectors & Cables.

Kit Rae

Pig Mine layered Pumpkins style
Cherub Rock

Pig Mine's sustain set high
"Dogs" solo 2 with artificial doubletrack effect
Raw Tone
Wet Tone

Pig Mine's sustain at noon
"Comfortably Numb" outro with Boss CE2 and some delay

Josh S.

Pig Mine's sustain set low

"Dogs" solo 1
"Dogs" solo 2


"First clip out of several I'll be doing featuring the Pig Mine. I love this pedal!

Amp: PRRI, volume 2
Guitar: Telecaster
Pedal: Skreddy Pig Mine

All guitar tracks use just the Tele and the Pig Mine with different settings on the pedal and the guitar. Amp was set the same way the entire session.

Piano: Freddie Mercury

(It's just one minute long but took me a few hours to do LOL.)"

Skreddy Pig Mine Demo - Layer Cake!

David Torn

© 2009 david torn / torn music / bmi





I got my PM today and this is THE ABSOLUTE best way to start the weekend!
I looked at my wife and said "Holy Shit-balls Honey!" when the mail lady came up the steps with my package.... the mail lady heard me and looked at me like I was CRAZY........

What do I think of the Pig mine?
I think it is THE most harmonic, responsive, and "sensitive-to-transitional-hand-tone" (meaning that I can get a CRAP-ton of different textured tones with JUST MY HANDS) pedal I have EVER played other than the Screwdriver.
I actually like it BETTER than my PF due to its versatility!?!?!?  It still gets REALLY close to the PF!?!?!?!? 

What did I play when I first plugged the PM up?
I grabbed my start and jammed ZAPPA like no tomorrow. Were talkin' all the way from from Grand Wazoo-Hot Ratz-Wakajawaka- Joe's Garage...... and so on.... I could dial in just about every Zappa tone EVER with just three knobs and a strat!?!?!?.......... 

Of course I played some Floyd itself the PM nails early Floyd for shure..... but with the Screwdriver stacked (PM in "lean" mode) it boosts the PM to nail DSoT/Pulse Tones...... (drooling).


My custom made hollowbody Les Paul/PRS style (with PRS #7 humbucker pups) can get a Trey Anastasio violin lke sustain & sounds suprisingly close to his balls out "guitar hero" tone.
This pedal is the SHIT hands down.


Sorry; this email is long overdue. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you've done on the Pig Mine.

I play in Set The Controls, a touring Pink Floyd tribute band, and really appreciate the PM's authentic vibe. Thank you for making a fuzz that actually cuts through a three-guitar mix and melts faces! I'm very, very picky when it comes to fuzz and was beginning to think that what I wanted/needed wasn't out there. How wrong I was...

Thanks again. I couldn't be happier!

Hi Marc!
how are you?

Just got the Pig Mine and it's totaly AMAZING with my strat & ES-335 into a DRRI!
The sound is superb! articulate yet smooth! very musical!
The controls have a great range with many different sweetspots. I think the "sustain" knob is where the magic lies.
The lean/fat switch makes the pedal so versatile for rythm and solo.
Pig Mine into my Echo is exactly the sound I was after.
Yet another inspiring creation joining my Skreddy board! (Lunar module, Screwdriver and Echo)

thank you so much!

Kittycaster: "I played the PM through my Quad Reverb cranked up... MAN, WHAT A SOUND! Totally awesome."