Skreddy PedalsTM
Paradigm ShiftTM

Classic Watery Phase Shifter

Deep and lush yet transparent; approximates the classic late 60's Univox Univibe sound, but is not a clone of that circuit.  Uses low-noise, low-distortion op-amp technology and LED/LDR phase modulation

Moves your sound but does not impose its own.

Will not distort or darken or thin out your signal (except to the extent that the moving, phase-shifted signal naturally cancels out a sweeping band of frequencies in the dry signal as they mix).  Your signal tone is clean, clear, and full even with a bass guitar. 

Features a wide range of speed, variable sweep dwell, and variable mix



Goes from almost standing still to super fast rotary spin


Controls the symmetry of the wobble

You can emphasize the lower or upper range or leave it in the middle for a full-range sweep.

Graphic illustrations of LED brightness at different settings...

Dwell at center

Dwell set to max

Dwell set to min

Univox and Univibe are trademarked terms and belong to their respective owners. 
Skreddy Pedals has no affiliation with them.

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Discontinued; something new coming soon


Variable from dry to "chorusy" phase shift to pitch vibrato

Move the mix more to the "dry" side for a subtler, 70's phase effect, and more to the "vibrato" side for a wetter 60's vibey effect, or leave it in the middle for a chewy, funky effect.

This is an intentionally primitive mixer, and it will get slightly louder at the extreme (CW and CCW) settings.  One of the benefits of the simplicity of this mixer is a very transparent signal chain with no noise reduction and no gain-makeup stages needed.



DC adapter required; no battery option

(note: a power supply is NOT INCLUDED)

9 volts only

DC power supply must have a standard 5.5mm barrel x 2.1mm center coax
 Polarity: negative center (industry standard)

Do not use an AC power supply
9v DC power only



After playing with it for a while, you'll feel naked without one

Use it anywhere you'd think about using a phaser, vibe, rotating speaker, or chorus effect.

Sounds incredible clean, but use it with fuzz or distortion, and you'll have flashbacks.





LED Indicators:

Bypass (Green) indicates when circuit is active, off when in true-bypass

Speed (Red) indicates the speed and the dwell of the sweep, always active




Running the Dwell knob at min for an exaggerated, old-school "whump-whump" vibe effect, and after fuzz, for max intensity


Mine: (living room volume, close-mic'd)

CrazyDiamond.mp3 (bypassed, then Paradigm Shift, then adding Lunar Module in clean/dirty mode, then some Skreddy Echo)

TrowerPower.mp3 (Paradigm Shift into Screw Driver into Skreddy Echo)

FuzzyLady.mp3 (Lunar Module into Paradigm Shift)

Bass.mp3 (bass guitar into Paradigm Shift)

FastVibrato.mp3 (Paradigm Shift in pure vibrato mode)

CleanOdFuzz.mp3 (Paradigm Shift, adding Screw Driver then Lunar Module for super high-gain fuzz--note there is some mic clipping in the "clean" sections; not the best sound quality)




WhoIsMaryKelly: (Nord Electro in Rhodes mode)


i absolutely love the paradigm shift i got a few weeks ago. it really adds the perfect amount of slight compression to my rhythm tones w/o coloring the guitar tone too much and i can dial in a great throb w/ a quality sustainer. i was using a xxx (boutique uni-vibe clone) before but now i run: st200>paradigm>clyde>diamond comp>klon>top fuel>malekko 616 > amp. ...