Your tone quest has brought you here

Creamy, sustaining, amp-blowing-up, huge distortion with a grainy, ear-pleasing, low-fi edge and just the right amount of 'hair'

Heavy does not have to mean harsh or unnatural or even modern

Finally a tone control that is actually useful and powerful, yet does not sound bad at any setting

Makes a single-coil pickup sound more like a humbucker, yet doesn't completely obliterate the guitar's tone

Makes a clean amp sound like a dirty, cranked amp, even at low volume--preamp or power-tube distortion not required.


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The Mayonaise is officially retired from production

A vintage, 4-transistor distortion, made with meticulous regard to detail.  All audio electronics are the same as used circa 1971.  Modern upgrades include DC power, LED on/off indicator, and true bypass switching.

Discover what the reissues have been missing...


Sound Samples

These samples made using only guitar into Mayonaise pedal into clean amplifier...

Light.mp3 Demonstrates the Mayonaise's amp-like distortion
Medium.mp3 Creamy classic hard rock tone
Heavy.mp3 Over-the-top fuzz with infinite sustain
Feedback.mp3 Controlled feedback at bedroom volumes
Thanks to TastyRiffs101 for those sound clips!
Now here's one from Jeff, using a crunchy 18 watt clone, a Warmoth ash-bodied strat and
Kinman Blues pickups. The amp was at about 4-6, the volume cut WAY down with
a Mini-Mass on about 2...


Hot rock tone


"Got my Mayo today- A/Bed it with the MJM Foxey Fuzz, an early 70's BMP and a early 90's Sovtek BMP(green)... the Mayo is Killer! It's definitely closest tone-wise to the early 70's model, which is exactly what I was hoping for, and the LED, AC jack, and true-bypass make it a no-brainer. As far as the Foxey, as I already commented it seems that it has a slightly different vibe from the original BMP and therefore also from the Mayo, it has some high and low-end rolloff(or more mids, depending on how you look at it), and even though there's plenty of 'Muff character in it it also sounds like it's been smoothed out a little, maybe in the direction of a Tonebender-style pedal. I'd call it a Big Muff for people that don't like Big Muffs... however for me, right now I'm really digging the real deal 'Muff tone so I've been using the original for a while and hoping the Mayo would come through and take over that spot- well it's here and it's kicking the original right off my board! The only difference I could perceive is the slightest bit more clarity with the Mayo, which could just be the difference between the early 70's model I have and the even earlier version that the Mayo is based on, but either way I think I actually like the clarity a little better... thanks for building what I've been waiting for Skred!"

"Well, got back from my vacation to find my mayo colored Mayo waiting for me! The ivory paint job blends perfectly with the artwork...very unique and gorgeous looking pedal!

Soundwise, this is what I've been looking for! Been on a quest for tone RM got on the first Montrose album, and this nails it! Turned the tone up to 3:00, volume and sustain to 9:00, ran it through my Fender Quad Reverb, and got instant Rock the Nation riffs! Turn the tone back a bit, sustain up a lot, and you got the Bad Motorscooter! OK, 'nuff Montrose blatherings...

This is my first experience with any BMP type pedal, so I have no comparison on those grounds. Very different breed of fuzz from the fuzzface clones I've owned...more edgy and smoother. Definitely cuts through the mix better, especially with the tone knob up. And, like cerebralpaul, the clarity caught my ear as well.

I'm running the Mayo first in my pedal chain, and it plays well with all my pedals except the Varidrive and the OD channel on my Peavey C30...way over saturates the preamp tubes. What really surprised me was how well it worked with the scooped settings I have on my Boss PQ-4. I could never get my fuzzfaces to sound good with that. Also, the Guyatone VT-X trem amplifies the soft, low hiss of the Mayo I get with my settings. It has a more defined sound going into my Ultra Vibe than the fuzzfaces did, and I get a very beefy drive when it hits Tim or Bad Bob. More growl with my Snarling Dogs wah than the FF's. Also didn't hear much difference going from single coils to humbuckers, but definitely different going from bridge to neck.

If you're looking for screaming smooth leads or the perfect fuzz/dist. for a clean Fender amp (IMHO), this is it! Excellent job Skreddy!"

"Oh the sound of the pedal kills, its a winner hands down... "

"Wow. What a great pedal. It's the first fuzz/distortion that doesn't make my guitar's tone dissappear. I had almost given up on finding that sound all together. I was resigned to being an "overdrive" guy. Your Mayonaise has knocked some pedals off my pedal board."

"The mayo has arrived! A very cool pedal. I finally got a few minutes with today and here's my quick impressions. Skreddy was right on when he said it was warmer than my '78 big muff. It is. It has A TON of gain on it with a huge sweep. It sounds great at all positions. Tone-wise, the knob sweep is similar to my Big muff, it covers an enormous amount of ground. Tonally, it's very warm like I said, and hairy, but not out of control fuzz. Very usable in a wide variety of settings. From chords to screamy leads, it does it all. It will get a work out tomorrow at a show. You can get th It's already velcroed and on the board. Does it replace a BMP (or my peachfuzz)? Not sure yet. I think there's room for all 3 really. They each do something different, although i think the Mayo is the best all-round of the 3, encompassing the best of both and doing it's own thing too. It's very rich sounding, without exactly yelling 'look at me' like a big muff does. Very awesome pedal Skred. Thanks so much. It's definitely a winner. More later..."

"Just a quick update. I used the Mayo last night at a show and it worked great. It cut through the mix very nicely and sounds quite full. It really is warm and creamy sounding, yet articulate. With the gain pushed, you get the violin lead tones, but in a more plush, tone drippy way compared to a big muff. This is a very nice pedal and will definitely stay on the board. I think the peach fuzz though will be coming back to do my gritty overdrive duty it was doing before. The mayo gives me that fatter, much juicer tone the PF can't do."

"These guys are on the money! Great pedal Skred!!!! Very impressive!!! ...

"Finally........a California pedal maker I can brag about with confidence! Very cool skreddy! Mayo #5 black is here! Pics and more to come. Hot hot hot!!! Lowest setting is smooth mellow fuzz and full gain is nice and responsive, with great muted fuzztortion sounds. These clips will be fun skred!!! It'll be hard to pass this baby on! We need to talk ;)"

"After a few short jams to get the feel for the Skreddy Mayo...I must say Skred will have some of the most brutal standard tuned fuzz clips out there when I'm done with the higher gain tracks. This thing seriously rocks! The more toney settings seem to make it go more true fuzz sound. Sustain at 10 oclock and tone at 2 oclock was suggested, and sounds great. Plenty of fuzzes don't have much more gain than that. Or sound as good at that setting. Congrats to you skreddy on a fine pedal! "

"My clips are done and the ped will head on to it's next stop!!!
The brutal chord work was killer but took a back seat to the Mayonaise lead response! Hot hot hot!!!!! Great factors in there......... VERY nice to rip on. I didn't plan on it but you have a couple 13 note runs on there....I couldn't help it!hehe Sometimes you are just inspired by the sound!"

"My" Mayonaise is arrived this morning in great shape!
It sounds fucking great!!! Really creamy sound and a lot more gain than my green russian Big Muff...WOW!...In fact it's a different beast than the BM...And I'm really glad about that. The sustain is awesome and looks like infinite...Really enjoy your work, Marc...
Just a question...Is there a trimpot inside that is interesting to try? ( no.)
Now I'm really impatient to test it in the studio work.
Thanks a lot for the fast shipping too...
Have a great day...Mine is inskreddyble!!!!