Funky Fuzz

Skreddy Pedals™ ? Lady:

Thick and huge-sounding, this 1973-era-based fuzz is fat on chords and riffs and soars with infinite sustain on single-note runs.  Much more corpulent and "vintagey" sounding than a typical muff--it's got a bit of 60's flavor added in.

Has a wide useable tonal range with a rich midrange and an aggressive, fuzzy breakup..

Sounds like a vintage fuzz feeding a cranked up vintage amp, with as much output volume as you could ever want. 


Thick and fuzzy, with an old school feel

Modeled sonically on the beloved 'lamb's head' edition of vintage fuzz boxes, the ? Lady is a 4-silicon-transistor distortion/fuzz/sustain stompbox.  The ? Lady's fuzzy, girthy tone is optimized using a variety of the finest available new components and sweet-sounding new-old-stock parts. Modern features include small size, DC adapter jack, LED on/off indicator, and true bypass switching.

Phattest fuzz of its size!

Discontinued until further notice


Norm Hammer Vibes (with Clyde wah and Deja Vibe, band: Sons of the Void)
Voyage to Atlantis (with H2O and Clyde Wah, band: Krossfyre)
Teddy boy ? Lady on its own
Ode to the Lady with overdubs and backing



"Thanks Marc for helping me get the sounds out of my head so everybody else can hear it."


"Marc, just wanted to let you know that I'd got one of the special ? Lady's from Donner. I'm absolutely delighted with it. I've been on a real fuzz kick recently, partially inspired by listening to a lot of Dinosaur Jr - the ? Lady gets me to those places real easily. Absolutely top notch - I'm not deluded enough to pretend I only need one fuzz but this is definitely A fuzz that I needed, and particularly a fuzz that I needed right now. It's just what I was looking for at the moment. Enough chat though, I'm away for another blast!"


"From the ? Lady alone I was able to coax Cream, Deep Purple, Jeff Beck, Jack White, George Lynch, Warren DeMartini, Myself. Sometimes, several of the above could be found in a single note, depending on how I picked. How you were able to give a roaring fuzz so much articulation I'll never know. The tone knob is the most useful I've come across, too.

I'm really surprised by how the ? Lady handles pinch harmonics: they come LEAPING out of the amp!  Low strings, high strings, it doesn't matter.
Using different pickups, guitars and gain/tone settings, I'm able to cover four decades worth of classic "live" sounds as well.  I love the fact that bringing up the treble on the tone can yield Blackmore circa '72, AND Cream era Clapton, just by switching to my neck pickup.  These tones aren't exact matches obviously, but certainly in the ballpark, and useably so.

Which brings me to an important point: I never hear you talk about the ? Lady's Anglophile personality! Of course her default character is that boxy, chewy single note muff tone fuzz, but the tone knob's colour palette really changes the landscape in a hurry.

To my ears, the ? Lady most exhibits the grunt, choke and spit of a cranked amp when she's rooting for Manchester United."