Skreddy PedalsTM
Cognitive DissonanceTM

Classic Smooth, Creamy Distortion

Powerful and high gain while fairly tight and articulate, this fuzz pedal's versatility lends it to many different musical applications; it's not voiced after any particular genre or artist.

Even while creating a wall of fuzz, the Cognitive Dissonance MKIII retains excellent string separation in chords. Lower sustain knob settings are articulate; not too mushy, doesn't destroy your attack.

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Sounds so good, it's addictive

Kick it on and you'll instantly be inspired by this vintage-style, 4-silicon-transistor distortion/fuzz/sustain stompbox.  The Cognitive Dissonance's meaty tone comes as a result of years of research and experience in fuzz design evolution, and it features parts you probably won't find in other pedal-makers' boxes.

The Scoop/Flat switch shifts the midrange content from lightly mid-scooped to just enough more mids to fill in the vocal frequency range in a natural way without altering the fundamental character.

Discontinued 25-MAY-2015