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 Guitar Player Magazine July 2008


Skreddy Pedals Screw Driver

There are several things that distinguish the Screw Driver ($195 direct) from many of its competitors: It offers amazing output even when using very low settings on the Gain control, and its Sharpness knob provides a lot of shaping control over the bass frequencies and doesn’t just roll off the highs. The Screw Driver’s distortion voice is rich and meaty with just enough fuzz around the edges to keep things interesting. And the fun doesn’t stop there, as you get a side mounted Pregain trimpot that adjusts the gain of the input Mosfet transistor—allowing you to set the overall gain of the pedal to best suit your needs—as well as a side-mounted Brilliance trimmer that adjusts the overall treble response. These extra functions make it easy to tailor the Screw Driver for just about any requirement—from old-school grind to vicious high-gain sounds—adding a lot of utility to what on the surface would seem like a pretty simple stompbox. Another cool aspect of the Screw Driver is its neat handwired circuit and fully exposed components. It’s always a drag when you see a bunch of glop poured over the parts, and to its credit, Skreddy makes it fun to look inside. —Art Thompson
Kudos Rich distortion tones. Doubles as a clean booster. Very effective Sharpness control. Externally adjustable gain and EQ trimmers.
Concerns None.
Contact Skreddy Pedals; skreddypedals.com